Privacy of VR Classrooms

Position Paper at Design x Policy CHI'23 Workshop

From February - April 2023 I had the opportunity to work with Prof. Yan Shvartzshnaider at York University in Toronto; developing ideas about the application of Contextual Integrity theory to question about privacy in Virtual Reality together with our collaborator David Goedicke “zooming in” from New York. Many thanks to Yan for making all that possible!

Contextual Integrity of a Virtual (Reality) Classroom

Karoline Brehm, Yan Shvartzshnaider, David Goedicke

Abstract. The multicontextual nature of immersive VR makes it difficult to ensure contextual integrity of VR-generated information flows using existing privacy design and policy mechanisms. In this position paper, we call on the HCI community to do away with lengthy disclosures and permissions models and move towards embracing privacy mechanisms rooted in Contextual Integrity theory.


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